Ready to elevate your sales

Sales Force Management and Tracking

Systematically overseeing sales force operations for improved productivity and customer interactions.

Seamless Intelligent Ordering

Efficient & Quick intelligent ordering through seamless automation.

Distributor Sales Managements

Strategic management of distributors to optimize sales and market reach.


Data driven insights for informed decision Making

Sales Force Tracker

Continuous real-time tracking and analytics for optimizing sales team performance.

Geospatial Analytics

Analytics to identify white spaces and Demand Hotspots.

DMS Integration

Facilitating efficient collaboration by integrating DMS with Pacetrax Solution.


Prompt based Conversational AI for Business Analytics - Coming Soon

Pacetrax - Ignite Sales. Unleash Growth.

Reimagine your sales ecosystem with Pacetrax, the revolutionary platform powered by integrated intelligence and cutting-edge technology. Our device-agnostic solutions, honed through extensive experience with CPG clients across rural and urban landscapes, equip you to dominate the market.

Unleash the Power of Data:

  • Go beyond raw data. Our AI and machine learning engine transforms it into actionable insights, guiding you to make optimal sales decisions.
  • Real-time visibility: Monitor key sales metrics instantly, from any device, empowering your team to react and adapt in real-time.
  • CPG-specific insights: We speak your language. Our solutions are tailored to the unique challenges faced by CPG businesses in diverse environments.

Proven Results. Real Impact:

  • Boost sales growth: Experience a measurable uplift in your sales performance with our data-driven strategies.
  • Optimize operations: Streamline your sales processes and maximize efficiency across your entire organization.
  • Empower your team: Equip your sales force with the tools and insights they need to exceed targets and close more deals.


Sales Force Automation

  • Permanent Journey Plan
  • Scout Customers
  • Onboard New Costumers
  • Sales Force Target and Incentive Dashboards
  • Sales Force Task Summary, Attendance, Salary Management
  • Take orders from customers with AI Reccomendations
  • Quick Order taking with Visual Search
  • DMS Integration
  • Seamless Backend Management - Sales Stakeholders, Product, Orders, Salary, Target & Achievments

Geo Spatial Analytics

  • Real Time Sales Force Tracking and Analytics
  • Real Time Geo Spatial Inteligence


  • Prompt based Sales Data Analytics